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Meine Frau will kein Sex mehr

Einige Männer haben irgendwann das Problem: Die Frau will keinen Sex mehr, man selber ist aber noch in der Regel hungrig. So vielschichtig die Gründe sind, so vielschichtig sind auch Lösungsansätze für Paare ohne Sex. Dass Männer oftmals bis ins hohe Alter sexuell aktiv sind, ist kein Geheimnis. Allerdings ist es bei Frauen oft so, […]


Pakistan Transgender

A school for transgender people opened in Sargodha about 188 kilometres (116 miles) west of Lahore on Monday. The transgender students will be given free books, transport and monthly scholarship through the help of the Punjab government. “I am really thankful to them for opening a school for our community. God bless them, they have […]


Igor and his Wife with a Dog

In the remote village of Siberia, Russia, nestled amidst the vast wilderness, lived Igor, a hardworking construction worker, and his wife Maria. Igor, at 44 years old, was known for his strength and resilience, while Maria, 32 years old, was admired for her nurturing nature. Their humble abode sat on a small piece of land, […]

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The english Lad Tom and Bull

Once upon a time in the year 2098, in the picturesque countryside of South England, there lived a man named Jonathan. He was a hardworking farmer who owned a beautiful farm nestled among rolling green hills. Jonathan’s pride and joy were his crops of wheat and corn, which flourished under his diligent care. Jonathan had […]