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Penis Size

The Penis Size is an important feature for sex and satisfaction. Big ones, small ones and extralarge ones. There is no “best size” or “the bigger the better”. Short but thick dicks will fit as well as long thin cocks. Your sperm volume and your stamina is important as well. Try to post a personal […]

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Meet hot lads from Jamaica! Real BBCs for your satisfaction… feel black / brown LATIN power. NOW! Jamaica is a country in the Caribbean with a rich cultural heritage, and its society may have its own perspectives on masculinity and what it means to be “virile” within its cultural context. Jamaica: Where Beauty, Culture, and […]

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Find military hungs & studs – personal ads. Time to have sex with a big army cock? Now it’s your choice to find a hung navy lad. Looking for sex with a real soldier?


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discreet & private meetings… For sex dating a hotel or motel can be important to cheat – find a god room for you and your mate.

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Virile Seeds

Fresh semen / breeder sperm The term “viril” or “virile” refers to characteristics or qualities associated with adult males, typically highlighting masculinity, strength, and potency. It is used to describe attributes that are traditionally considered typical of men, such as physical strength, assertiveness, courage, and sexual vigor. The word “viril” is derived from the Latin […]

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Find these 4 males from Togo for group sex. Togo is a West African country situated on the Gulf of Guinea. It is bordered by Ghana to the west, Benin to the east, Burkina Faso to the north, and the Atlantic Ocean to the south. Here are some key facts about Togo: