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Tamil Sex Gods

Mariamman: Mariamman is one of the most revered goddesses in Tamil Nadu, and she is often considered the goddess of rain and fertility. She is depicted with a radiant face and is usually shown riding a tiger. Devotees believe that worshiping Mariamman can bring relief from diseases and ensure a good harvest. Ayyanar: Ayyanar is […]

My Orc Dad

Me, my and my uncle

Breeding Space Station

In a far secret place – the BSS ( Station) – you can find bad aliens, monsters, creatures, breeds and many pregnant human females. Have a close look at this Station and explore the Arena, the Cells and the species. Follow us on a to the stars and the dark side of life.

All aliens, creatures and pictures are copyright by -Ads and self-made.

Fantasy Chimpanzee Avatars


Penis Size Story Tips

Penis Size

The Penis Size is an important feature for sex and satisfaction. Big ones, small ones and extralarge ones. There is no “best size” or “the bigger the better”. Short but thick dicks will fit as well as long thin cocks. Your sperm volume and your stamina is important as well. Try to post a personal […]

Breeding Penis Size Story

Virile Seeds

Fresh semen / breeder sperm The term “viril” or “virile” refers to characteristics or qualities associated with adult males, typically highlighting masculinity, strength, and potency. It is used to describe attributes that are traditionally considered typical of men, such as physical strength, assertiveness, courage, and sexual vigor. The word “viril” is derived from the Latin […]