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Tamil Sex Gods

Mariamman: Mariamman is one of the most revered goddesses in Tamil Nadu, and she is often considered the goddess of rain and fertility. She is depicted with a radiant face and is usually shown riding a tiger. Devotees believe that worshiping Mariamman can bring relief from diseases and ensure a good harvest. Ayyanar: Ayyanar is […]

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Marriage in Bihar

A typical marriage in Bihar, India, is a vibrant and culturally rich event that reflects the state’s traditions, values, and social dynamics. While there can be variations based on factors like caste, religion, and economic status, certain elements are commonly observed in Bihar’s weddings. Here’s an overview of a traditional marriage ceremony in Bihar: Pre-Wedding […]

Safe-House Mumbai

We offer a safe tiny for in our Safehouse. It's like a – but more like a community to help each other. It will be free if you will help the community and work (cleaning, dishes and others). The free rooms are 2-4 bedrooms. We also offer rooms.

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Bull India Penis Size Story

Raj the 8inch-Bull from Mumbai

In the bustling streets of Mumbai, there lived a young man named Raj. At the age of 20, Raj possessed a charismatic charm that drew the attention of women wherever he went. With his dark, smoldering eyes and a mischievous smile, he exuded an air of confidence and allure. But Raj was not your ordinary […]

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India Biggest Cities

Mumbai – 12,478,447 – मुंबई (Mumbai)Delhi – 11,007,835 – दिल्ली (Dilli)Bangalore – 8,443,675 – बंगलौर (Bengaluru)Hyderabad – 6,809,970 – हैदराबाद (Hyderabad)Ahmedabad – 5,577,940 – अहमदाबाद (Ahmedabad)Chennai – 4,646,732 – चेन्नई (Chennai)Kolkata – 4,496,694 – कोलकाता (Kolkata)Surat – 4,467,797 – सूरत (Surat)Pune – 3,124,458 – पुणे (Pune)Jaipur – 3,046,189 – जयपुर (Jaipur)Lucknow – 2,817,105 – लखनऊ […]